Halfway, Or so…

Not all that surprisingly I have less time to blog this pregnancy. As the mom to almost a year and a half old, at 20 weeks pregnant I am functioning as a “C student” at most things.

Currently, I’m going back to school, thru the Indie Birth school at the very beginning of learning about midwifery from a traditional direct entry perspective. I am still working online & in person coaching full time, and accounting and hike tour guiding part time.

My run mileage has been a little lower than my last pregnancy, but my mindfulness of what’s going on in my body is a lot higher. I am doing prenatal yoga when I can versus religiously. At 19 weeks I had a scare with PROM causing me to be even more intentional about not stressing run mileage or intensity. My fitness came back last time so quickly, I believe primarily because I did take the end of pregnancy easily. Slowing down allows the body to learn to relax and Open up for the dance of labor. Not forcing fitness, and tension, and stress in turn makes the return to it more smooth. At least that’s my experience.

My weight is still a little lighter than it was last time around, around 140 versus 144-146 this week of my last pregnancy. While the weight is or no importance to me, it is interesting to see the stark differences in the pregnancy and the last. Initially this time I lost weight the first trimester, down to 123 from my starting pre pregnancy weight of 128 or so… so I’ve gained more weight this pregnancy at this point, but my body starter lighter. This time I’ve dealt with migraines, on and off nauseous feeling the first 14 weeks, sickness with smells, and overall more “symptoms”. It’s hard to explain, unless you’ve felt the differences between pregnancies but it’s a shockingly new experience.

This time I’m working with a midwife friend, who has a more traditional approach. She is more willing to give me guidelines on activity levels, foods, and her personal opinions of things. It’s refreshing to have care that isn’t “regulated” by state guidelines, just 40 years of experience and intuition.

In summary, this pregnancy has been a whirlwind so far, paralleling our lives in this season. It’s sometimes harder than expected, it’s delightfully more fun than I could ever have guessed. It makes me want to be pregnant forever, another 10 times, and also never again all in the span of 5 minutes sometimes.


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