28 weeks and a few days …

This pregnancy could not be more different than my last… and as a student midwife I’m really grateful for the diversity of the experiences…

For starters my palate is mirroring my husbands to a level that is uncanny and sometimes unsettling. Foods and drinks I normally would pass on are what I’m seeking. This baby “S” is sitting extremely low causing a different type of discomforts that my pregnancy with Cosmo. I feel certain personality aspects are being highlighted differently…

All of it, different and unique to this child seeming more like my spouse than myself these days. Even in words and thoughts, feeling the urge to keep everything more private this time.

Last weeks photo

I have lost weight the last week or so, and “S” has dropped some, so staying hydrated and resting as much as possible to avoid early labor. My walking miles are around 20-30 a week still, but running is inconsistent maybe 1-2 times a week, with the recent addition of indoor cycling again, since the rainy season is beginning and I still value my sanity.

The irony is last pregnancy I was sleeping about 9 -10 hours a night. The female body is unbelievably Strong.

It seems my phone and life energy battery are parallels currently. Time to stop writing and start capitalizing on any moment to rest. 💕


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