34 weeks pregnant

Well, we’ve made it this far, rounding the corner of the last 2 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. When people have asked about my due date I try to remain vague, as I think sharing a set date sets people up for false expectations of what a natural pregnancy should look like.

I feel good considering I’m in the last trimester while parenting a toddler, working full time, and going to school full time. I think it’s so common for people to find this time overwhelmingly and stressful, but myself I find primarily excited about the possibilities of meeting our second child soon.

My body is holding up well, my weight fluctuating around 160 lbs, my energy stable most days. I think for me in pregnancy managing hormonal and emotional fluctuations seems to be harder than the physical tolls of pregnancy. Perhaps this is due to my fitness training / sports choices, perhaps it’s just a lack of personal development in the other areas. Either way, I enjoy sitting with the changes, thoughts, and minor discomforts to reflect on areas this child is requiring me to grow.

I find myself looking forward to the birth, the ceremony with my husband. I find myself nesting and preparing everything we need for a home-birth again once and twice sometimes triple checking it. I find myself more excited for the last birth I will attend this month as a space holder and doula, knowing the woman I am attending has a birth plan and mindset similar to my own. It feels honoring to be invited to attend someone who’s goals for her fourth birth mirror those of this second birth for myself. I feel a sisterhood with her and other women who invite the responsibility and potential challenges of home birth into their space and lives. I find myself as often in pregnancy in a beautiful place of reflection, ready to venture between worlds to meet our second child.


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