Rounding up to 6 months

We’re a week away from C being 6 months old. It’s wild to think in half a year our lives have changed in so many ways. He’s talking now (hi & hello quite selectively usually accompanied with a wave) and crawling (he’s been scooting/dragging/army crawling since right before 5 months but now he’s properly crawling with coordination and speed as of last night Sept 23) …

I just can’t believe we have another talking moving human in the house, it takes things that once seemed important and resets their value (or lack of)… and makes things that once were a priority and makes them a faint echo…

I actually emailed our school of choice to start the waitlist process for Pre K yesterday (yes good schools are that hard to get into in Hawai’i)… and I had teachers there validate I wasn’t the only one!

Billy and I are good, still adjusting to segmented sleep and juggling both working, working out, and baby life.. it’s a dance for sure but I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling.

Not much to say, just writing a few notes so it doesn’t all become a distant memory.

Hiking with mom
Running with dad
Crawling around the tea farm
First solo flight with mom for a day trip to Oahu


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