Rounding up on 4 months

In a few days we will have been parents for 4 months now officially. I can not believe that much time has passed, it feels like yesterday that I laid down in bed and announced my water had broken.

The concept that time flies, has never been more real that it is now. Yet, everyday as parents is a new adventure. Cosmo is such a talkative, cheerful, giggling baby, we are so lucky.

So what’s new in the last month!? Just a few days ago I reached my “trying to conceive body weight again”, and I’ve started doing some harder efforts while running, feeling close to normal minus the slightly heavier than “ideal race weight” body! Cosmo is almost fully crawling he currently has a pretty solid drag and scoot, rolling himself across the floor only takes a moment. (We plan to baby proof electrical outlets this weekend. ) We traveled to the east coast for him to meet grandparents/extended family and all got a nasty cold (not Covid we checked multiple times) and survived that, although seeing Cosmo be sick was so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to parents with children that aren’t healthy the majority of the time.

Grandma Teresa
Grammy Nicole
Grandpa Gary
Grandpa Bill
Uncle John

So we’re here, running a lot, working a lot, laughing a lot. It feels like time is all misplaced and I’m finding a new interpretation of how a day can pass in a moment, and a week in the blink of an eye… but here are a few words to hopefully remember this beautiful season of chaos.

I hope that Cosmo knows how loved and cherished he is. 💕 We feel so lucky to have him!!


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