Anniversary/ First Fathers Day

What luck, I just had when I realized Fathers Day & our 2 year anniversary landed on the same day, Summer Solstice. It makes remembering them both easier every time we glance at the summer skies.

Getting outside as a family is so easy in the summer

They are both tomorrow, but first a few updates on how life has changed. I’ve been working a lot with online and in person coaching, as well as at the winery around the corner. Moments turn to days, which in an instant seems to have blurred into nearly a month passing since my last writing here. I’m enjoying the busy season, but am looking forward to setting more time aside to intentionally reflect and remember these beautiful moments.

Cosmo is simply a delight, I can’t imagine a sweeter son. Every few days it seems he gets a new skill, pushing up, smiling to his name, rolling over with more ease, or giggling when he knows you’re playing with him. I think our birthing choices have paid off in spades, creating a baby who is almost always relaxed, easy going, and comfortable. That or he got primarily his father’s genetics. 🧬 🤞 At his 10 week visit he was at 15 pounds, nearly double his birth weight. We chose to do a delayed vaccination program, so he got some of his 2 month vaccines then, and will get others at 3 months. It was a joy that his pediatrician was so supportive of our choices, and had nothing to say but positives about how healthy and responsive he is with our current methods.

With his Fathers Day card, thank you to our island Ohana

My postpartum fitness journey is going well, with the busier season of work, breastfeeding, and just in general with life…. I have kept the miles easy, the last few weeks around 55 miles a week, still focusing heavily on strength training, with some indoor cycling as needed with weather or scheduling. Surprisingly to me, it has felt easier and more natural that I thought it would, and while I’m keeping things slow, I’m extremely pleased to be this fit already less than 3 months postpartum!

Finally, a few realizations, the very act of pregnancy and child raising seems to breed community. I am in awe of how my neighborhood acquaintances have become close friends, babysitters when we need, and just the kindness that surrounds us from nearly all directions. While there will always be those that are negative or jealous, the overwhelming response has been kindness, understanding, and love from all directions, even those we wouldn’t have expected it from. We are so blessed. 💕

Best friends


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