Almost 8 weeks

A few moment pass and suddenly weeks have flown by, if any unsolicited pregnancy advice I got was right it was that these would be the best moments of my life and they would pass to fast. Every day it seems Cosmo is bigger, in fact he’s now in the 95% or higher on all the growth charts. The illusion that he’s growing overnight may actually be a reality at this point.

I started to actually train this week (it’s Tuesday, so starting yesterday)… No real news to report other than starting to move is hard, stopping the motion once I’m warmed up is even harder. I did 3 weeks at 20-25 miles of run/walking, completely comfortable with some lifting and very small amounts of cycling too…. Not exactly sure what kind of volume I’m working up to, but definitely feeling confident enough to increase it a little this week (tomorrow is 8 weeks postpartum)

Sleeping is going well, at least better than I think I expected. People seem to enjoy worst case scenario shares to pregnant women, my advice ? Ignore them, people by the lot are nasty creatures and overwhelmingly pessimistic. We wake up 2-3 times most nights, and he has a bit of a witching hour if you will around bedtime. His witching hour ranges from a few moments to a few hours long, but overall it’s not as bad as I worried it may be.

I’m not saying all is perfect, but it’s better than I hoped and dreamed. My body feels weak, but strong considering where I’ve been recently. I’m over the moon with my body’s progress. And I’m so grateful to have a local run & lift community to train with often!

More soon, when I make no promises!


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