5 weeks as a parent

I meant to write a blog at 4 weeks, but a family visit came and went, a new job popped into my life… and well I’m a week behind my intentions with a ton of new news.

Cosmo has a radar for only needing me when I’m my most busy

Starting off with the star of the show, Cosmo is huge. Ahead of all predicted growth charts he’s jumped from the 75% to the 95% trending aggressively to prove breastfeeding is working better than I could have ever imagined for us both. Finally, it is pain free and enjoyable, hang on mamas and just bear thru that first engorging unbearable time, it is worth it! Hydration and lactation support pills seem to be my best friend, Next to my pump and my ever patient husband. Billy has really stepped into his role as a father, so seamlessly, countless moments have passed that I have said I don’t know how anyone does this single. My hats off to all the single parents, and those single by circumstance as well. You are all heroes and have my applause and appreciation.

From 8.1 to 12.2 lbs in the first month

Today is a good day, as it was my first (two runs)? I was out walking my dogs, And Cosmo in the stroller, short on time before a client, and suddenly my legs had transitioned from a power walk into a shuffling jog… before I knew it the 4 of us were running of sorts minus stops for nursing, roadside sniffs, and puddle breaks… so when Billy got home I snuck out for a quick forty minutes to run 3 miles before walking almost another mile home to ensure my zealous heart didn’t betray my fragile pelvic floor and legs.

Before these runs, I’ve spent 3 weeks lifting and also cycling starting at 3 weeks postpartum. To build strength and some basic conditioning back is my main physical goal before even establishing any postpartum run goals. I do have some floating around in my brain, but those secrets are between Billy, a few of my closest friends, and myself. I’m not ready to be public, but I’m sure that will come soon. A massive shout out to Aliphine Tuliamuk, Amanda Basham, and Jenn Shelton for being a few months ahead of me in the postpartum journey, and extremely helpful to me in this transition.

How new parenting feels

So until further posting, we’ll be here, juggling minimal sleep, I’ll be aiming to continue breastfeeding until it doesn’t work for us, and now we will be running together. Thanks for hanging in for the journey.


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