39 + 2

Another week down, and wildly I feel so great! I’m so happy to have all of the medication done for the rat lungworm exposure, and am hopeful that chapter of my life is closed. My only “symptoms” this past week were some mild headaches and some arm, neck, face tingling sensations… they seem to be gone now, and I’m hopeful everything is resolved. I’m so thankful to be off medication, and with luck will be able to breastfeed when Cosmo shows up.

I went for a midwife checkup Monday to confirm all was well after thinking my water may have begun to leak Sunday morning… However, all is well, and Cosmo is hanging out, presumably having a grand time until he’s ready to show up.

So now we wait, as patiently as possible… and just enjoy the ride. It’s nice my midwife only has me as a client right now too, so I can be sure she will be available and hopefully well rested at whatever time I need her!

I’m taking my coaching work a little easier, booking myself only a few hours each day and keeping my hiking and yoga light which is part of why I think I still feel so good!

Just a short update for those of you that read along!


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